You are welcome to Saint-Petersburg!


St. Petersburg is among cities worth seeing. Panoramic views, architectural ensembles are chef d’oeuvres of architecture. Many streets and squares look like palace halls in the open air. That is why the whole historical centre of the city is under the UNESCO protection.

What is specific about St. Petersburg?

  • All great cities were developing through the centuries. St. Petersburg was created momentary by the strong will of Peter the Great. The mission of the newborn city was to help Russia returning into Europe where Russia had been absent for 400 years. To achieve this goal, Tsars from Romanoff’s dynasty invited the best architects from Italy, France, Germany and Great Britain and suggested them unlimited possibilities. European architects created their best masterpieces and constructed here churches of every confession.
  • The river Neva, parallel myriad of canals and embanquements, skylines and dominant spires determined the aesthetic image of St. Petersburg.
  • St. Petersburg is the home of Russian culture. It was here that musicians, poets and writers, artists, the stars of drama theatre and ballet worked and created their chef d’oeuvres.
  • There is something particular in every part of the city. Palace Neva embanquements are neighboring with shipyards. University, scientific institutions, museums are concentrated on the Vassilievsky island that used to be inhabitant mostly by German craftsmen. Factories were implanted in the Narvskaya, Viborgskaya sides of the city and on the Okhta.
  • From the early beginning till nowadays St. Petersburg was the centre of Russian industry. It was the military capital where numerous regiments were located. Probably, this concentration of power, workers and soldiers in the city simplified the Bolsheviks revolt.
  • The citizens of Leningrad (then) survived nazi siege and the waves of Stalin repression.
  • During many decades the city was neglected. Nowadays, the city that in 1991 returned it’s original name St. Petersburg is developing successfully. The cultural life is blooming. Art festivals follow each other. The restaurants and clubs on every taste are open in day and night. The palaces and museums are in the process of renovation, because the city still needs more care to restore its splendor.
So, during your stay you can admire the best achievements of Russian culture, visit theatres, well known museums, and relax in marvelous suburbs. You also can go further to Russia – to the old Russian towns such as Pskov and Novgorod, have a rest in the nature, see forests and lakes of the North-West of Russia.